Spending Mother’s Day in COVID 19 isolation...

Spending Mother’s Day in COVID 19 isolation... My thoughts are with those mothers who are separated from their loved ones today and those people who lost their mothers along the way.

I was looking forward to my first Mother’s Day back in the UK after a long time working overseas. But faced with COVID 19 and my son self-quarantined with a cough in his student accommodation, it did not turn out as planned. My eagerly anticipated lunch at the Good Egg, a popular vegetarian restaurant in Central London was shelved. However, it was still important to make the most of the day. I had time to reminisce on my experience as a mother during my early morning walk in the park. The experience was moving at a fast pace, from young babes to young adults at record speed. Moments of sheer joy, over shadowed all else on this exhilarating journey. I feel proud that I can look my kids in the face and truly love who they have become. 

My lovely daughter rallied with a three-course lunch and did not leave the kitchen like a bomb site - I welcome such small mercies on a Sunday afternoon! Despite strict instructions that lunch was served at 3pm, she was calling me at 2.15pm, sounding cross that I did not appear immediately. Of course, despite our isolation, I still had to dress for the occasion. She executed her menu like a master chef and my only job was to enjoy the  entrée of caramelised onion tartlets and rocket salad; a main of vegetarian sausage casserole with potatoes and a scrumptious dessert of berries and cream. Moments when your children take charge and show how much you mean to them are the happiest. Blow the Good Egg, at least for now anyway…

it’s not like I have a choice thanks to COVID 19, but I am blessed with a budding master chef on site, and more importantly health and strength. Perhaps, words mean more than food…sometimes. My daughter said in her Mother’s Day card “Every day you surprise me with your strength and grace…. never ever change, unless you are getting more awesome...” No pressure!