Female and More!

Female and More Bootcamp
I always welcome the opportunity to talk to young women. We often discuss self-esteem which is central to being a self-confident female. This means knowing your self-worth and abilities; having self-respect; pride; dignity and self-assurance.  

I always encourage young women to treat self-esteem as a life time project.  Building and nurturing oneself is a continuous exercise.  I remind them that they are in control and have the right to determine what is right for them.

I have three core values which are non-negotiable: my integrity. my self-respect and my voice.  Women must decide what are the things that matter most to them.  Focus on being you and define exactly what that means. 

Sonia Warner with  participants
Women are unique; special and beautiful.  These are the qualities God gave us which no one can take away, unless we allow them.  But I do encourage young women that when it comes to being beautiful, focus on both inner and outer beauty – having humility and compassion for others. Be kind. It is not just about looking cute and having nice hair and nails. Low self-esteem cannot be covered up by hair, nails, eyelashes and designer clothes. Low self-esteem can be spotted a mile away.  I also encourage young women to focus on their comportment – style, manner and attitude. To be positive; constructive and awesome when it comes to being….